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About AGSPEC Australia

Established in 2003, Agspec is a distributor of fertilisers, crop protection products, growing media, and agricultural machinery in the Asia-Pacific region. Quality, branded and professionally packaged products move to farmers through our trained country teams, or via our distribution partners. With offices in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and established distributors in New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, Myanmar and Malaysia, we bring new and exciting technologies to food producers throughout the region.

The Asia-Pacific Region, including China and India, is home to almost 60% of the global population. Production of key food staples – providing the vital proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins for human sustenance – is crucial, not only for local consumption but also for export to developed nations. Growing middle classes are changing their food preferences, resulting in a higher demand for quality fruits and vegetables.

Our Management Team comprises professionals who have held senior roles with Multi-National Corporations in international positions for many years. Our professional, tertiary qualified agronomists and horticulturalists provide the necessary product back up and stewardship to ensure growth and service in each of our markets.

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