Rapisol® Chelates growth exceeds expectations

Agspec’s RapiSol® EDTA micronutrients deliver essential trace elements for your crop needs. They can be used for foliar spraying, fertigation or hydroponics. We have the full range of single element trace elements – zinc, manganese, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium – as well as a wide range chemically formulated combinations that have been designed for Australian soil conditions. Agspec are continuing the development of more tailored formulations to manage micronutrient solutions for Australian growers.

Two years ago, Agspec added two new iron formulations using EDDHA and DTPA as chelating agents. These are ideally suited to vineyards, tree crops and berry production.

It’s the tank mix compatibility that really stands out. Being non reactive, RapiSol® is compatible with commonly used crop protection chemicals, making them very easy to use. They dissolve fast and completely, so won’t block spray nozzles.

The RapiSol® product portfolio is based on well researched global technology. Agspec has brought this technology to Australia, and developed formulations suited to our harsh climate and low fertility soils. Australian farmers operate on a large scale, compared to our overseas counterparts and our growers need micronutrient solutions that deliver maximum efficacy, compatibility and crop safety. RapiSol® provides unsurpassed compatibility with agricultural chemicals and fertilisers, making spray application easier. This delivers the efficiencies Australian growers require for their operation.

Mr Lillecrapp said that, since the launch, RapiSol® had sold above expectations.  “Farmers using Rapisol® chelates have been impressed with the quality of the products. Their rapid solubility and spray tank compatibility are definitely important, but our packaging is eye catching, water resistant and strong too. Quality is synonymous to Agspec, and when you use the Rapisol® products our same high quality standards will prevail.”