RapiSol® Micronutrients Delivers!!

All micronutrient formulations work…… some better than others!!! Well most of the time at least. Seasonal conditions, growth stages and crop stresses sometimes mean that these micronutrient applications do not meet our expectations in some seasons.


“We’ve invested considerable time and money researching mixtures for horticulture markets; it made sense to expand our product portfolio by developing our own high-quality range of competitively-priced Australian products ourselves, rather than via a third party, and we’re thrilled that our efforts have been worthwhile from a market perspective,” he says. “Quality is synonymous to Agspec, and we do not market inferior products. Therefore, our customers have been realising that when they use the RapiSol products, our same high quality standards prevail.”


Agspec invested considerable money in field-testing of the RapiSol range prior to its public release, identifying and refining several formulations and combinations to determine the right balance for Australian growers.  The results have been translated to the marketplace, where mixes including RapiSol Duo and RapiSol Mi6 have been successful in many horticultural markets. In addition, Agspec is introducing a new formulation this spring, RapiSol Combi 7, to further strengthen the RapiSol portfolio.


“We have introduced wettable granule technology for ease of handling, so there are no bulk containers, returnable drums and deposits to manage,” explains Mr Lillecrapp. “They’re also incredibly cost-effective products due to the low use rates, and guarantee excellent crop safety.”


Agspec has ensured that the RapiSol® range is highly compatible with the many other agricultural chemicals used in horticulture, in order to achieve more efficient farm operations and deliver maximum yields for the grower.


“The other bonus is that existing and future customers who have been waiting for this type of product are continuing to benefit from the same market knowledge and on-the-ground service from Agspec’s senior team of professionals,” says Mr Lillecrapp.


For more information, please contact Agspec General Manager Jonathon Lillecrapp on 0427 490 551 or www.agspec.net.