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Stress-Ex is an extremely effective ANTI-TRANSPIRANT designed for application on plants to reduce moisture loss. Stress-Ex is an emulsifiable film forming Pinene polymer which is naturally derived from Pine resin.

Stress-Ex helps to relieve transplant shock in seedlings, and relieve drought stress of transplanted fruit and plantation trees. The thick flexible film has the ability to stretch as the plant grows to approximately three times its original size.

By reducing transpiration, Stress-Ex has been shown to reduce the effects of cold and frost events that cause damage in plants.

Stress-Ex has also demonstrated the benefits of additional shading from more turgid foliage by reduced sunburn damage in some fruit and vegetable crops. Stress-Ex has been shown to improve the size of fruit such as cherries due to improved moisture retention and reduce splitting damage caused by late rainfall.

Key Benefits of Stress-Ex:

  • Reduced transplant loss;
  • Better establishment of tree crops;
  • Reduces fruit cracking and splitting;
  • Reduces drought stress;
  • Protects against cold and frost damage; and
  • Reduces sunburn and fruit drop.

Stress-Ex® is a registered trademark of Agspec Australia Pty Ltd.