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Enviroshield applies a natural, pod protection, polymer film, designed as an innovative harvest management tool used to reduce pod shatter and seed loss in a variety of prone crops including Lentils, Chickpeas and Canola. In addition, Enviroshield is used as a rain repellent to maintain seed quality and reduce the potential moisture damage (lentil staining and shrivelling). Enviroshield is a unique film-forming polymer formulation extracted from natural plant materials.

When applied at the correct growth stage, Enviroshield forms a soft micro-film around the pod, assisting with rain repellency to prevent moisture entry during the susceptible period of natural desiccation. This reduces stress on the pod seam and minimises the effects of shattering, seed staining and shrivelling from weather events. Thereby allowing for greater maturity to be reached prior to harvest.

Pod shattering can adversely affect crop yields and influence the time of harvest.

Enviroshield assists preventing rain entry into drying grain heads protecting from potential seed sprouting and other quality downgrades.


Key Benefits of EnviroShield

  • Reduced pod shatter - Prevents pod shatter caused by moisture weakening the seams of the pod.
  • Reduced pod drop - Maintains stem integrity.
  • Protects from moisture absorption - Repels water from the pod surface preventing entry into the pod.
  • Standing Canola harvest - Flexible Canola harvest especially during extreme weather events.
  • Improved oil development - Allows seeds to fully mature.

Enviroshield is available in 10L, 20L, 500 L & 1000L packs

Enviroshield Harvest Aid video link

Enviroshield® is a registered trademark of Agspec Australia Pty Ltd.