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SPREADER-WETTER 1000 g/l Ethoxylated Octyl Phenol.

A nonionic wetting agent for use with Vines, Fruit, Vegetables, Ornamentals and Herbicide sprays.

Softer Wetter

  • Softer, less cuticle disruption/damage.
  • Less risk of leaf damage, CropShock.
  • Soft of berries and bunch closure.

Superior Spreader

  • Greater spreading compared to Agral and other traditional wetters.
  • Full leaf coverage with better water utilization.


  • Reduce risk of flower thinning in grapes
  • Reduce risk of flower thinning in tree crops
  • Reduce risk of onion tipping
  • Reduce risk of wax removal from the berry surface in grapes
  • Reduce risk of Russet potential in table grapes and tree crops

Citowett® is available in 1L and 10L

Citowett® is a registered trademark of Agspec Australia Pty Ltd.