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Breakthrough crop protection against snails and slugs.

Axcela® is the first bait to deliver ‘axCelarated’ snail and slug protection in under 80 minutes.

Axcela® bait starts working immediately to prevent crop damage, rapidly controlling slugs and snails before they begin climbing.

Manufactured using a unique gelatinisation process, Axcela baits are more palatable to slugs and snails, promoting longer feeding on their first meal. And with active metaldehyde evenly distributed throughout the entire pellet, the bait remains potent from the first bite to the last.

Designed especially for Australian growers for year-round use, Axcela’s small robust pellet is ideal for spreading alone or blending with other bait or fertiliser applications. Built for rainy, wet conditions, Axcela baits are ideal for wet regions.

Make fast-acting Axcela® your first choice.

Key Benefits for Axcela®

  • Acts FASTER
  • More ROBUST
  • IDEAL blending pellet
  • DESIGNED for spreading
  • ACTIVE from the first bite to the last
  • WEATHERABILITY built for rain

Axcela®  - Slug Control  -

Axcela® - Active from the first bite till the last.

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