Specialty agricultural input supplier, Agspec, will celebrate 15 years of operation in June 2018. From early beginnings in South East Asia, they now have a presence across the Asia-Pacific region, with offices in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

In the first few years Agspec faced a prolonged, and humbling drought in Australia and Agspec Australia General Manager Jonathon Lillecrapp recalls that those early years were responsible for developing Agspec’s culture of innovation.

“The drought did have some upside. It forced us to think about our reliance on rain fed agriculture and expand to other more reliable markets and develop better products”, Mr Lillecrapp said.

Agspec has grown steadily over 15 years, and attributes its success to the people whom they have been lucky enough to bring into the company, as well as our commitment to product quality.

Managing Director, Mr Andrew Glynn, attributes the energy and ideas of the team to ensure that the business continues to grow and develop.”

“With the employment of good staff, we are continuing to improve the quality of our business, especially in crop agronomics. Our investment with in-house replicated trial research is paying off”, Mr Glynn said.

Mr Glynn noted that Agspec invests heavily in crop nutrition and biostimulant research and expects the company to continue to meet its strategic growth targets and retain its effective team through an ongoing professional development and training program”.

The flagship business remains the Agspec Australia operation and a number of changes have been made in recent times to ensure that the Australian market is looked after.

Mr Lillecrapp said “We have made some important staff appointments which will strengthen Agspec along the Murray River and its catchment irrigation areas. We’ve just finalised a multi-year trial in almonds and grapes to support the business growth there. We are really digging into the detail, of the application timing, to get the best results possible”.

Agspec has recently launched its own adjuvant product range, including Flexstic®, Flextend® and Stress-Ex®, following satisfactory product testing over a range of crops.

“By rowing our own boat we make wiser development investments, provide better support, and have greater control over the quality of our labelling and packaging. Overall, we do a better job with our own technologies and we get better support from customers”, said Mr Lillecrapp.

So where to from here? We will soon be adding new products to provide even better solutions for our customers.

Supported by on-ground research and backed up by our commitment to agriculture we’re looking forward to the next 15 years.