Agspec challenges you to find a post emergent agricultural chemical that is incompatible with RapiSol foliar micronutrients.

Find a post emergent herbicide, insecticide or fungicide that is incompatible with Agspec RapiSol foliar micronutrients and Agspec will give you a 20 kg box of RapiSol micronutrient product (value $280) FREE.

We have all heard the sale’s pitch, “Our foliar nutrients will have no mixing problems”, only to find you have a glug in your tank or you have to stop every now or then to unblock nozzles.

At Agspec, we believe you should never have a blocked nozzles or filters during spraying when using foliar nutrients with post emergent applications. Therefore we are willing to put RapiSol to the test.

All you have to do is sign up for the challenge. Agspec will send you out a 1 Kg sample of RapiSol Zn to do the test.  Do a jar or jug test (no we don’t need you to put it through the spray rig). Be the first to find an incompatibility, and an Agspec Manager will visit, confirm the test and give you a 20 Kg Box of RapiSol micronutrient product.


If you don’t find any incompatibility concerns, you still have 1Kg of RapiSol Zn you can spray out at 200-300 g/Ha as a foliar spray with your chemical sprays.

The jar or jug test is simple and easy to do as explained on the back page. Agspec will also give you a free RapiSol Measuring jug to conduct the test.



  1. Use a jar or jug that can take 1.0 L of water. (If using 500 mL, then just half the amount in the tables below)
  2. Choose your water spray rate. (50 L / 75 L / 100 L) per Ha.
  3. Choose your chemical rate. (200 g or mL / 500 g or mL / 1.0 Kg or L / 2.0 Kg or L / 3.0 Kg or L)
  4. If using multiple chemicals, add to the jar/jug in the same order you would the spray tank.
  5. Leave for 15 mins
  6. If there are any signs of sediment (solids) then the mixture is incompatible and should not be used.

The following tables show the amount you need to add to the jar for the compatibility test.

**Products excluded are those that state on label “Do not use with foliar fertilisers” or “Do not use with zinc foliar fertilisers” as seen on a number of group B products. e.g. Chlorsulfuron, imazamox & imazapyr.