Axcela® Snail and Slug Bait launched in Australia

Agspec has launched the high-impact snail and slug bait AXCELA, a proven performer in the European market. Swiss manufacturer Lonza’s innovative AXCELA Snail & Slug pellets are specially designed for wet and dewy conditions, offering a proven molluscicide breakthrough in crop protection, delivering fatal doses faster. Agspec Australia’s general manager and director, Jonathon Lillecrapp, says the company is proud to be global partners with a market leader in metaldehyde molluscicides.

“AXCELA’s small pellet size, sets a high standard for the efficacy and accuracy of snail and slug control products and provides a super-strength alternative to current market offerings,” he says. “The pellets have been delivering incredible results in a number of countries including New Zealand, and we are pleased to be supplying them to Australian growers.”

Manufactured using an innovative new wet-extrusion process that enables rapid absorption of moisture for faster feeding, AXCELA pellets almost double in size when wet and take on a robust yet gel-like consistency once they hit the soil, enabling slugs and snails to start feeding faster. The highly palatable gelatine coating also entices them to feed longer, ingesting a lethal dose of the active substance metaldehyde – the world’s leading molluscicide – in the process.

AXCELA pellets display good environmental performance with minimal leaching of the active ingredient into soil, while colouring and the addition of the bittering agent Bitrex® helps to guard against accidental ingestion by pets and wildlife. AXCELA also won’t harm beneficial insects and earthworms when used as directed.

It’s recommended that growers assess snail and slug population risk in the autumn, monitoring snail and slug activity with bait traps and checking against thresholds of each crop in order to determine application volumes.

“AXCELA pellets work best when applied accurately and evenly at the desired rate, and application equipment should aim to give an even spread of the uniform-size pellets over the desired application width,” Jonathon explains.

One of the key advantages of AXCELA’s longer-lasting, more robust properties is that it’s also a great blending tool working in conjunction with cheaper products or fertiliser application.

AXCELA remains active from the first bit to the last with baits remaining active on the soil for over 2 months after application. If you are  experiencing problems with slugs or snails in the paddock then AXCELA snail and slug bait might be worth a try.

AXCELA® is a trademark of Lonza Ltd, Switzerland. Bitrex® is a registered trademark of Macfarlan Smith Ltd. Use plant protection products safely. AXCELA contains metaldehyde. Always read the label and product information before use.