Atlantik Training at Khao Yai

The Agspec Thailand team recently undertook an extensive plant nutritional traing program attended by Agspec Australia’s plant nutrition expert, Mr. Iain Gibson and Brandon Bioscience’s Mr. Paul Mullins of Ireland.

Brandon Bioscience are recognised as leaders in marine biostimulants, derived from the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum. Using the latest chemistry techniques including DNA sequencing, extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum are optimised for improved plant performance.

Mr. Andrew Glynn, Managing Director of Agspec, says “Atlantik & AgseaBio brands are delivering outstanding results across a range of producton systems – including rice, vegetables and fruit trees.  We recently launched the product in sugar cane, gving improved establishment and tolerance of dry conditions”.

Agspec’s philosphy of conducing field research on key crops, shows considerable benefits of using Atlantik and AgSea bio if the products are applied at the correct crop stage. For more information on these products please contact Agspec.